Fashion TV: Louis Vuitton Commercials

I know I’m late on this but below is Louis Vuitton’s first television commercial ever. All I have to say is where are the bags?????

And while we are on the topic of Louis Vuitton, do we really need a specialty line from the rap star and super music producer Pharrell Williams? Pharrell, you’re cute but please… PLEASE!

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2 responses to “Fashion TV: Louis Vuitton Commercials

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  2. gimmegimmefierce

    Regretfully, those are three mninutes of my precious life that I will not get back. The first ad was more like a retirement fund commercial than a high-end, designer bag commercial. And just getting through the Pharrell commercial was an exercise in patience. What happened to the GLAM?? Where are the hot women in the ferocious makeup, wearing ridiculously luxe gowns carrying Vuitton bags??? Seriously, THAT’S what I’m paying thousands of dollars for when I buy the bag. High fashion should be about imagery, fantasy, and painfully unattainable beauty. That might sound all kinds of wrong, but why else would you pay thousands of dollars for a piece of luggage that’s going to be manhandled at the airport cargo? For an image!! LV….bring back the sex. Skim through a few D&G ads to see how it’s done.

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