Why, Hermes? Why?

desi model

Hermes, I love your scarfs. They are the epitome of high fashion and a must for any fashionista. But why can’t you use an ethnic model without putting her in a stereotypical situation? Indian model and elephants? COME ON!!!

Check out the entire spread at Dark Planneur.

3 responses to “Why, Hermes? Why?

  1. i AGREE with you COMPLETE! god forbid that models with blond hair and blue eyes love elephants too! that would just be too much for the world to believe!

    thank you for speaking your mind!



  2. Thanks for your comment, Lush! Why can’t they just do a regular fashion spread with the Indian model? What is with all the extra nonsense?

  3. hi hi, beauty! i found the perfect blog for you, but first thank you for your love and support!


    this girl is AMAZING! tell her LUSH sent you, AND comeback to LUSHLAND anytime!



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