Fashion TV: I’m a Gok-ette!

America we are missing out! Across the pond, in London, England there is a FASHIONISTA/style consultant and television diva who, if in New York would be putting everyone to shame. His name is Gok Wan and he’s the host of the UK (read:original) version of “How to Look Good Naked.”  I love Carson Kressley (the US host of “How to Look Good Naked“) as much as the next chick, but Gok is the truth! I caught an episode of Gok’s version last year while in England and I like his no nonsense approach to dressing and style. I find Carson’s show to be preachy and overly positive to the point of annoyance.  Take a look at a quick video of Gok on a British style show.

Fierce, right? He betta WORK!!! I like how he is obsessed with shape and buying clothes that work for your body.

Search for him on There are many videos of him and soon you’ll be a Gok-ette as well!

2 responses to “Fashion TV: I’m a Gok-ette!

  1. It’s definitely fierce! I’m a big fan of TLC’s What Not To Wear, but this show looks like it’s got a lot of oomph to it. Gok, come to the US asap!!!

  2. I am loving this you are fierce! Next stop YOU TUBE LIVE BLOGGING! I know it’s not in the right section but croc cell phone holders WTF!

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