I Told You Erykah Was The Shit!


So, Vogue UK is reporting that Erykah Badu will be the new face of the yet-to-be named Tom Ford fragrance. Didn’t I tell you Erykah was a style icon? Well, it looks like Tom Ford thinks so too. I cannot wait to see the spreads in the magazines here in America. (Will Miss Anna allow Erykah into her precious Vogue? LOL!) I’m excited to see the photos and I would think they would be fashion forward and edgy. (But secretly, why do I hope Erykah brings her own stylist with her to the photo shoots?) Mr. Ford, Erykah has a lot of adoring fans… do her justice, please!

Check out Najwa Moses of Styleholics.com interviewing Erykah about becoming the new face of the Tom Ford Fragrance.

4 responses to “I Told You Erykah Was The Shit!

  1. can i just says she’s FIERCE!!!!!!!

    i’m hearing the buzz with her and mr. dave chappelle… ineteresting “friendship!”

    so… give me your top three potential names for that perfume with MZ. BADU as the face!



  2. Lush: Hmmm Dave and Erykah?!!!! Are you serious? But wait, isn’t he married? Interesting.

    As for names, don’t know if I have three… let me think about that for a minute…

  3. did you CHECK OUT eVaDIVA’S site today!!!

    GORGEOUS! the pic she put up with her purple make-up is AMAZING! I NEED THOSE SKILLS!

    trouble…. http://www.aolcdn.com/channels/04/07/4468b3aa-0018b-06e63-400cb8e1

    this looks like the kentucky derby, though MZ. Badu never needs a reason to have some thing huge on her head… even a cheetah printed hat!



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