Why Are Their Mouths Always Open?


I brought the new April 2008 issue of Vogue Monday night as I was stumbling home from the NYC St. Patrick’s day festivities. I was drawn to the magazine because there was a black man on the cover. Hmph, Miss Anna don’t like black folks on her cover so I had to buy it. As I moved in closer, I noticed one thing about the cover that reminded me of a cover from last year. The blackman on the cover, basketball star LeBron James had is mouth gaping wide open. WTF? Jennifer Hudson’s cover last year was the same. Her mouth was wide open too! What is the deal? 


Both of these covers irk me on so many levels. Lebron’s cover reminds me of King Kong and the fear of the sexual prowess of the black male. He’s growling and looing menacing. Sigh… Can’t we move past this? I keep looking at Jennifer’s cover and thinking of a smiling Mammy.  Happy and wide-mouthed. Why can’t Vogue go back to the beautiful covers of 20 years ago when all you saw were beautiful faces?





I’m not sure why I continue to buy Vogue.

One response to “Why Are Their Mouths Always Open?

  1. Here’s why…I will give it you straight.

    It’s a primal thing. The mouth is a sexual orifice (opening). And we subconsciously view an open mouth as inviting, warm and friendly. All the women in dirty magazines have open mouths or puckered mouths.

    We talked about this in my high school biology class some years back…Weird, but true.

    Well, maybe not LeBron’s mouth. (Arrrggghhh)


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