Fashion in The Hills


I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for this day. Tonight is the premiere of the new season of ‘The Hills’ (MTV, 10pm). For those of you who don’t know, ‘The Hills’ is a reality show that follows around Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Heidi Montag, and Lauren Conrad as they go to fashion school, date, have fights, and live in Southern California. When we last left the girls, Lauren finally earned the respect of Lisa Love at Teen Vogue and was going to work the Crillion Ball in Paris. I am so excited to see how the Paris trip went, but I must admit that I have been reading about the girls in Life&Style, US Weekly, and People so I kinda know what will happen. No worries, no spoilers here.

Over the Easter holiday I read an article in the weekend section of the Wall Street Journal about Lauren Conrad and how she is building a brand around her celebrity. This interested me as I am interested in fashion branding, publicity, and marketing as my segue out of the music industry. I give the girl and apparently her father a lot of credit in gaining licensing deals to bolster her fashion empire, if you will. Currently, Lauren has handbags, makeup, video games, and a clothing line under her belt. Teaming with Linea Pelle, Lauren designed a few items and apparently they are doing well. Ranging from $45 to $350, I actually like this bag.

I read somewhere that Lauren’s first fashion show was well received, but the clothes were lacking, cheaply made, and lacked creativity. Ouch! Honestly, I was expecting more. Where are those pretty tier dresses she wears? And what about the cute knit hats she rocks? Lauren always looks so fresh on the show. The clothes just looked frumpy and to have them selling at Intuition and Kitson sort of made me gasp. None of her clothes are as fashion forward as the stuff she wears during the show. Maybe her stylist should get their own line?!



Lauren mentions in the Wall Street Journal that she “didn’t want to feature the clothes on ‘The Hills’ because she wanted to be taken seriously as a designer.” Um, excuse me Lauren, but serious designers know the benefits of promotion in whatever form they can get it. Shame on you, girl. Plug those boring ass designs. 

Take a look at the fashion show from LA Fashion Week. I did see one ethnic model but Lauren, if you were smart you’d do plus sizes. Hasn’t SJP taught you anything?

I hear that Heidi and Whitney are doing their own fashion lines as well. If Heidi’s foray into fashion with Heidiwood is as bad as her music video, I’ll pass. I’m actually interested in Whitney’s line Eve & A. Her family is actually IN the fashion business. Let’s just hope she doesn’t design crazy ass prom dresses like the one she wore to the business meeting for Teen Vogue. LOL!

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