Branding Eve


So, it looks like “The E-V-E” is moving past her disaster that is/was Fetish Clothing and becoming the face of Cartier’s Love Charity Bracelet. Excellent! This is a good look for her considering that rap career is kaput! I’m glad to see high-end, fashion companies looking elsewhere for spokesmodels and inspiration. 

Eve’s last video, Tambourine was a direct knock off of everthing that is Gwen Stefani. Eve’s cool as a fashionista, but she’s no GWEN!

One response to “Branding Eve

  1. gimmegimmefierce

    I love Eve. And don’t get me started on the goddess that is Gwen Stefani. Even though Eve’s Fetish line didn’t make waves, I do love Eve for being fashion-forward and not adopting the fashion nightmares that so many female rappers do. Paw-tattoos aside, Eve always looks like a lady and raps like a lady, but with the perfect amount of “street.” And let’s face it, she loves herself some high-glam! It helps that she’s very beautiful too. Yeah, her rap career might be less-than stellar right now, but she’s got a face for film and fashion anyway. The camera loves her. I mean, look at how she’s rocking the “bob” in the photo above!!! She better work!

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