Agyness Is OVAH!


Agyness Deyn, Born Laura Hollins is Britian’s “it” girl. Fashion insiders say she’s the next supermodel. (She does remind me of Linda Evangelista.) I must say she looks fierce on the runway. Check her out!

Agyness has the entire May 2008 issue of i-D Magazine dedicated to her. There are five awesome covers. (Not sure about the titty one??!?!) She really does have an edgy look, thin of course, but not ridiculous.

Just one thing, Agyness, honey, I heard you wrote a few pieces for the issue… Um…no… Just walk down the runway, girl.

3 responses to “Agyness Is OVAH!

  1. Her titties scare me

  2. @ ialwayzsing…LOLOLOLOLOL!

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