No More Celebrity Fashion Lines…Please!

Dear Lord, Jesus! No more celebrity fashion lines, I’m not sure I can take it. A quick glance over a few fashion blogs this weekend led me to find that in addition to the celebrity fashion lines already in exsistance, there are a least four more in the works. (Could someone tell me why Jermain Dupri is creating a line of watches? Didn’t we have enough with Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton nonsense?) Beyonce has one, Eve had one, Jessica Simpson, SJP, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, and the list goes on-and-on.

Rhianna, after her huge hit, “Umbrella,” scored a licensing deal with Totes and created a line of umbrellas inspired by the hit song. I thought that was pretty cute, nice cross promotion. I’m sure she made a nice sum of money for that. But now she states that creating a fashion line is the next thing she wants to conquer. Why?

I actually envisioned her going more towards an acting career or even doing runway. (Well, If they ever wanted to book a black model she definitely has the style.) But no, she wants to be a designer or so she says. I agree, the thought of designing items that are personal to you is glamorous and exciting. That is what must be the attraction and the thrill.  But is it really the celebrity that creates the buzz or is it the stylist? Rihanna looks fabulous all the time, but is it her? I don’t think so. Many people, standing in line at Steve & Barry’s on the day SJP’s Bitten line debuted were truly disappointed. Consumers expected “Carrie” on-the-cheap. They got, SJP on days where she doesn’t have formal events. If you don’t live in NYC you’ve probably never seen SJP on an off day. Cute tops, sweats, and jeans is primarily her look.  Note to consumers: buying clothes from Patricia Fields is the way to look more like “Carrie!”

I read that Nicole Richie will “design” a line of jewelry for the Nicole Richie Collection.  According to one of my favorite sites, FabSugar, the line will be created in conjunction with Mouawad and consist of 50 pieces ranging from $30 to $150. I like that she’s making the pieces affordable. I just hope they don’t look cheap like the clothes in the Lauren Conrad collection.

I was watching a youtube video of Amanda Bynes (love her!) speaking about the juniors clothing line she created for Steve & Barrys. I checked out her line, Dear, and while I respect her for going the route of SJP and keeping the line affordable, it looks like the same crap that everyone from Lauren Conrad to Heidi Montag to Jessica Simpson has created. 

Honestly the only line that I have ever bought anything from is L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani. While I have issues with her carting around her Harajuku girls as accessories (annoying marginalization and objectification, Gwen) I do like a lot of her items. The clutches are crazy and the clothes are really remnicisent of the styles she wears. I feel as though Gwen is an active participant in L.A.M.B.’s creation.

How much of the artists/starlet/reality tv star/enjenue’s personal style is expressed in the lines that carry their names?

2 responses to “No More Celebrity Fashion Lines…Please!

  1. Reality's Pimp Hand

    I really love this blog….well you are right i can’t wait till some normal girls come out with something that rocks the fashion world 😉

  2. I totally agree with you! Unless the celeb has a super unique style, there is no point in starting a clothing line. who cares? just sing or whatever else you can sort of do..

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