Project Runway to Lifetime??!?!


In what has been described as a huge coup in television, Lifetime has just scored the rights to air future cycles of Bravo’s wildly popular show, Project Runway. Tim Gunn isn’t sure about his future with the show and Michael Kors (love him!) isn’t listed in the press release for the next cycle. Michael Kors not judging the show? Please… please.

Bravo and its parent company NBC Universal is not backing down. NBC U believes Bravo remains the only network that can legally air the program. The Weinstein Company, the executive producer has another view. The accusations, hate, and lawsuits are flying off the pages. Basically, all hell is breaking loose in NY Superior Court. 

Because of this interesting turn of events there will be two cycles of this award winning program airing on two different networks. Bravo is set to air its last cycle in July and Lifetime’s set to air their first cycle in November. More Thimbles and Fabric and Sketches, oh my! Well, whatever… I need this. Tyra’s America’s Next Top Model is becoming more irrelevant by the minute. (Actually, was this Top Model ever relevant?)

I like Lifetime just as much as the next woman, but there is something not sexy about a sexy show like Project Runway being on a network that is sooooo, well… inspirational. Am I just a prude or what?


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