Whitney’s Debut…

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Whitney Port of The Hills would be the third member of the cast to launch a fashion line. Her collection, Eve & A is set to debut this Friday (as is Heidi Montag’s icky icky line) in Los Angeles. I’m pretty interested in the collection as Whitney comes from a fashion industry family and seems to have a good fashion sense.

Her line has 20 pieces with everything from wool skirts to cute hoodies. She just might be the most successful in the fashion arena (sorry LC!). Here’s a shot of an outfit from the collection. Pretty cute, right?

I know we are all waiting with baited breath for Whitney’s debut. Honestly, I do hate on the girls from The Hills from time to time, but I honestly do hope she succeeds. Now… what can we get for Audrina to do?


One response to “Whitney’s Debut…

  1. gimmegimmefierce

    I’m very much over these girls and their…..zzz…zzz….zzz…..OH! so sorry, I’m bored even writing about them. Anyway, can they wear something other than those tired bubble dresses? And as far as the outfit from her collection in the photo above, that looks like every other girl walking down the west village. This outfit is done already. I could have put that together at a quick trip to Urban Outfitters. Can fashion be fierce again, please? These girls are so overrated. Moving on….

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