Are We Really Surprised?

So Miley Cyrus is posing provocatively. Is anyone really surpised by this? America has this obession with making young, white woman into superstars at the expense of being lewd. Just think: Marilyn Monroe, Bette Page, and to some extent Britney Spears. This is actually one time when I’m happy a young, minority actress isn’t in the center of this. (Raven Simone and America Ferrera… don’t you dare do this shit. )

Sigh… foreign media is calling Miley a “starlet.” *crickets*.


I didn’t even blink at the photos above and for the record, I’ve never understood the fascination behind this girl. I understand she’s a big Disney star, just like Britney, Justin, and Cristina were back in the days but I just don’t get it. Now, as the rags and fashion magazines deem Miley to be a star, a trendsetter, and a fashion icon (? – *crickets*) is she now going to “fall in line” so to speak and become racey. Exposing your bra? Was that something girls did at 15? I don’t think so.

I took a look at the original photo for her photoshoot with Vanity Fair. It is a bit much for someone her age, but when I was young, Brooke Shields was damn near naked in the movie Blue Lagoon.

Reports state Miley’s father was present, so if he thought this fuckery was ok then I guess it was. *Crickets*

                                                                  photo: Vanity Fair

Miley has issued apologies and Disney has stated that they feel she was taken advantage of for the sake of fashion and magazine sales. What? No rush to judgement? (“she should have known better!”) or criminalization? (“this is so her fault!”) Just prayers and a rush to circle the wagons. Just like another Disney stary, Jamie Lynn Spears and her teenage pregnancy scandal, Miley is automatically forgiven and life goes on. I’d hate to see Raven Simone or any other minority actress in this situation. They would have definitely been left to fend for themselves. (Janet Jackson and the superbowl anyone?)

Is this photo artful or is Miley just heading down a destructive path like those before her? I predict she’ll be smokin’ and drankin’ very shortly…


One response to “Are We Really Surprised?

  1. gimmegimmefierce

    Miley MIGHT have earned my respect if she was unapologetic about the photos. Why would you apologize about something you sat in a large conference room deliberating over, only to decide it was a good idea? She’s basically admitting her assdom. Okay, she’s only 15 and chances are, other people are making these decisions for her, but this is exactly why fashion and overall media are so boring these days, because everyone is apologetic about themselves. Linda Evangelista never apologized for her fierceness and that’s why we love her. A few years ago, Madonna apologized for being as racy as she was back in the day, and she almost lost me. But let’s face it, she’s Madonna and can do no wrong. Nevertheless, I was disappointed. Miley girl, be ferosh or pack up your gums and teeth and disappear.

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