Music is my job, but Fashion is my life.

From a young age I was obsessed with fashion, beauty, music, and all things culture and entertainment related. I attended The Foote School in New Haven, CT and distinctly remember trying to write a soap opera column for the 6th grade newspaper. Mrs. Johnson, my homeroom teacher wasn’t having it. She killed that idea with the quickness! In 7th grade there I was sneaking out of the house looking all kinds of crazy wearing way to much lipstick, eyeshadow, and glitter. I honestly didn’t need to sneak because my mother took me out of school one day to visit Screaming Mimi’s, where Cyndi Lauper worked before she became a star. We bought lots of purple eye shadow and cool, no-finger leather gloves.  In 9th grade there was a disaster with Sassoon jeans and bleach. I was never cool, but I did develop my own sense of style.

Unfortunately, that sense of style didn’t translate when I attended James Hillhouse High School. Weird, private school kids didn’t go over so well at the large public high school. I thought it was the daisy age, but everyone else was on a different page. Soon I drank the kool-aid and started dressing like everyone else. My friend Tonya, a talented and soon to be published writer will definitely remember us dressing up in polka dots and going to the Kwame and Special Ed. concert at Rockets!!!

I probably should have done something with that creative energy a lot sooner, but I’m stubborn and have always taken the long way around. My mother would definitely agree. Instead I chose the music industry as a career, but when the purchases of clothes, bags, shoes, and glossy magazines outweighed my music related purchases, I knew something had to change. So here I am blogging about what I truly love.

If you’re looking for me, you can find me drooling on the window of the DIOR store on 57th street in Manhattan, sitting in the waiting room of Bliss Spa (Soho), waiting on Svetlana my great esthetician, or spinning around aimlessly in Khiels on the Upper West Side.

Leave me a message and before you ask, once I take a recent picture that I’m happy with… I’ll post it!

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