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On Trend: Bright Color & Pattern Tights

I love the look of tights. With the right skirt and shoes I think it can be such a great fashion statement. I like wearing them to take the focus away from what I don’t like about my legs. And, I think anyone of ANY SIZE can wear them. See some of my favorite picks below: has a great selection of patteren and brightly colored tights. The bright colored tights are dyed in 45 different colors and come in sizes up to 4X which fits a person who is approximately 330lbs. So there’s no excuse not to show off those legs, regardless of size. They also have sexy fishnets for the bigger girls.

purple tights $9 –      fishnets  $10.50 –

 These Diamond Tights are “HOT TO DEATH!!!” Unfortunately they don’t come in plus sizes, but I am on a mission to find them elsewhere.

diamond tights

M.I.L.K. Accessories

A friend of mine and I are embarking on something huge!! Almost two years of thinking, dreaming, and wishing that we could create something in the fashion industry has finally come into fruition. After much thought we have come up with something great! M.I.L.K Accessories is our new company! M.I.L.K. will consist of small goods made of leather and other fabrics. Further down the road we hope to branch out into larger accessories.

We are in the beginning stages of creating a stunning logo, interviewing designers, getting funding together and doing the business set up. As the project comes along I will definitely post about it. I think all of you fashionistas will love out products as well as our brand.


Dreamin’ of Route 27 East

I was on the phone the other night with my friend Linda when she asked if I’d like to go out to her uncle’s place in The Hamptons…HELLS YEAH!!!  For those of you who don’t know, have been living under a rock, or maybe aren’t from the East Coast, The Hamptons (on the eastern-most tip of Long Island) is the absolute “ish” during the summer months.  Hanging in The Hamptons is the epitome of being sheshefroufroula. All I’m saying is it is the best.

Maybe you’ve heard of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs’ summer white party or Star Jones-Reynolds’ (wait, didn’t she put Miss Al out of the house? Well, whatever) opulent home. There are parties, great places to eat, heated swimming pools, and wonderful beaches just 2 1/2 hours outside of Manhattan. Cute boys???!?!? Looking fierce is a must!

If you are going out east, what will you be wearing?

 Fendi Circle Pattern Dress, $2,480, Luella Smithy Shoulder Bag, $1,195, Alexander McQueen Mesh peep-toe Sandals, $1,540; Chloe Filao Sunglasses, $330; Louis Vuitton Cruiser Bag 45, $1,730

Ok, $7,275 for a weekend outfit for the Hamptons???!?!?! Well… YEAH!!

On Trend: Clutches

Some say clutches are for special occassions only. I strongly disagree. They are such a great addition to an outfit and an absolute conversation piece. Everything for wooden handles to convertible clutches that fold over from a larger bag.  Check out these styles made of everything from patterned fabric to leather.

red_pattern_clutch Women’s Wooden-Handle Canvas Clutch, Old Navy, $13.65

green-convertible Cotton, Green Convertible Fabric Clutch, Old Navy, $10.00

lamb_carlisle L.A.M.B Signature Carlisle Convertible Clutch Tote, $425

bahiagreen Bahia Green Clutch by PERFECT CLUTCH, $ by request

index.jpg Pattern Swirl Clutch by Alexander McQueen, $630

hex_topshop Hexagonal Panel Box Bag, Topshop, $50

For more ideas on how to use clutches and other bags to complete an outfit check one of my favorite sites, for their Bag Guide here.

Things I Like: Havaianas


In preparation for spring, summer, and my trip with my friends Linda and Diana (Kimmie too!) to The Bahamas, I thought I’d do a post on one of my favorite things, Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-YAH-nas) flip flops.  Havaianas is Portugues for Hawaiian and were created as a tribute to the Hawaiian islands. Made in Brazil, they are truly the best flip flop and if you wear them all spring and summer like I do, you’ll love the 46 year old super secret rubber formula that makes them so comfy. (Did you know Brazil makes the best rubber products?)


According to their website, everyone loves these flip flops in Brazil where there is a huge beach culture. Americans are now wearing them too.

“In Brazil, Havaianas are beloved and worn by all personalities from the average citizen to dignataries and celebrities. Since being introduced to the United States seven years ago, Havaianas have created an unprecedented cult following. Now referred to as the “best rubber sandal in the world,” Havaianas can be seen gracing the pages of the hottest fashion and sport magazines, strutting down the runways at New York Fashion Week and featured at red carpet events. Stylish Americans, including top athletes, rock stars and celebrities demanded the butter-soft comfort of these inexpensive flip flops, making Havaianas available at the most chic retailers and surf boutiques nationwide.”

They come in men and women’s styles and have many interesting patterns on them.  Check out these cool pair:

summer_003_thumb.jpg Summer Dots, $20 (I know that’s a little more, but you won’t have to replace them!!!

They are made with European sizing so make sure you check the sizing chart! I have bought a few from this site, but as I mentioned before, I have a larger foot. Don’t fret if you do too, I have also purchased Havaianas from one of their authorized retailers,

Once you try these flip flops you will never ever go to Old Navy to spend $3 for flip flops that don’t last the summer.

(FYI, they are one of Oprah’s favorite things as well!)

Fashion TV: Sex and the City: The clothes, the shoes, and the bags!

OMG!!! This is my dream job:  Working the wardrobe closet on the Sex and the City movie with Patricia Field. Patricia Field, the costume designer is truly a genius.  Watch the video, check out all the bags and become a disciple! Damn… I need to make more money. Sigh…

Gimme These: What else… Gucci, of course!


You may not know that I’m obsessed with anything Gucci. But who wouldn’t be? Check out the Grease High-Heel Platform Sandal in Tomato. OMG… they come in my size…Size 12. You can get them here.

Accessorize Me: Blooms for Spring

pink rose

“Florals? For Spring? Ground Breaking.” — Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

Actually, yes, florals for spring. The runways at New York’s recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2008 were blooming with florals on everything from dresses and hair accessories to cocktail rings.

While I’m not really a fan of floral print dresses, I love the look of flowers in the hair. Most think this look is reserved for formal occasions, cotillions, and fancy balls but as Dior showed us on the runways, flowers can be used effortlessly to give a relaxed feel to your hair. Everthing from headbands and clips are flowering everywhere this spring. There are great finds in rhinestone, beads, and silk.

Actually, this look really isn’t that new. Jazz legend, Billie Holiday made fresh flowers in her hair a staple of every performance. Lady Day, as she is affectionately known, was a musical genius with a voice as rich and as full as her creamy, brown skin. But the beautiful gardenia placed on the side of her head made her a style icon and a classic beauty.

To create this style go here by special order, here, and here. Leaving the hair a little messy works best.