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I Love Trashy Make-up!


One of my favorite labels, Heatherette has a new makeup line debuting this week from M. A.C. (Love it!)  If you don’t know the “it” boys, Traver Rains and Richie Rich who design Heatherette, get to know them! Their look is so downtown NY and truly trashy. I love the pink compact in the promotional picture above. I hope M.A.C. continues what they have built themselves up to be by providing colors and makeup options for all.

I recently went to the M.A.C. counter at Macy’s in Herald Square and saw the latest team up between M.A.C. and someone from the art/design world.  Fafi, a French graffiti artist currently has makeup products with M.A.C.  All of the consultants were wearing the makeup in true Fafi fashion. And, let me tell you this, they all looked CRAZY! Hearts drawn on the cheeks and long dark lines of eyeliner. All types of Wrong! (But I do like Fafi’s art, just not the makeup.) I wouldn’t wear it, but maybe some of you would.  Let’s just hope the boys come a little better!!  I know Richie Rich, the DIVA will not let me down!

I love Heatherette for many reasons, but mostly because they consistently use models of all colors to strut down the catwalk. Check out this video and see how different they are.

Beautify Me: They Segregating Hair Products, Y’all!!

Having hair that goes against the norm (not straight), I am always in search of the best hair products for my style. That isn’t always easy, but I’m willing to try almost anything. Recently my mother asked me if I had ever thought about using mayonaise, “you know… for the shine,” she says. That statement brought back a terrible memory of grade school when my mother thought putting cold coffee and coffee grounds on my hair was a good idea. Smelling like Folgers Crystals didn’t go over so well with the private school set. I quickly told her that I hated mayo with all of its purported uses and that black hair in its natural state doesn’t reflect light. Plus, Mom, my hair is matted into beautiful locs. They definitely won’t be shining any time soon. Oh, Mom… Gotta love her.

I am wililng to go to anywhere for a great shampoo and moisturizer. I’ve been to street fairs, hair salons, hair shows, and yes, the “‘hood” beauty supply store. I tend to try new products every week, one for moisture, a shampoo, an oil maybe, and even setting lotion when I want tight ringlets.  But nothing is more annoying than having to go into the local drugstore to fill a perscription or get a roll of toilet paper and find yourself running around the store trying to find the “black/ethnic hair” section. Where the hell is the Luster’s Pink Lotion? And, why the fuck is it in the back of the store by the markdown products??? 

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Beautify Me: My Hair Story

My girl Bella over at had an amazing post yesterday about comments made by a former employee of Glamour magazine. In case you don’t know the story, an editor from Glamour made a stupid ass statement to some female attorneys last year. The editor thought Afros were not a good look in the work place. (Oh word?) This statement set off a firestorm. (Sistas wore her ass out in letters to the editor.) Readers wanted an explanation. You can read Glamour‘s response here.

In an effort to keep it 100 (%) with it’s readers, Glamour formally addressed the issue with a round-table discussion of professional black women in corporate America and how their hair has affected their jobs in the March 2008 issue. I was especially interested in the article, “Your race, your looks,” as a former co-worker, Jami Floyd of Court TV  (now truTV) was interviewed.

The post as well as the Glamour article got me thinking about my own hair story.  Currently I have locs, which I love but it wasn’t always that way. Before locs, I too, was a slave to the creamy crack and relaxed my hair. And before that I had braids, a natural, a weave, and yes, a Care-free curl (don’t laugh). My hair styles have run the gamut over my 34 years. But it wasn’t until I cut it all off and began the locking process did I truly love my hair and begin to love me.

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