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Rumor Has It…

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Vogue Italia would be creating an all black edition of the magazine. According to those wonderful girls over at, it looks like IMAN will grace the cover. I-can’t-wait!!!

Model Search At Diesel In Union Square

                                                                      Picture: Ford Models

I posted about this contest a few weeks ago, but now it looks like Ford Models will come to the Diesel store in Union Square, New York City. From April 30th to May 1, from 4-8, Ford Models is looking for the next “it” guy. Is this you? Check here for requirements.


Shoppin’ In A 90s Kind Of World

Almost everyday I get a sample sale report from Daily Candy. Their coverage of trendy/interesting stuff, sample sales, and all things fashion is the-most-comprehensive on the internet. Normally I just read it and make a mental note, but one of entries struck me as very interesting and I will definitely attend one particular sale.

From May 5 – May 16, Showroom Seven, a multi-room, fashion showroom will have a sample sale featuring such lines as Charlotte Ronson, Orla Kiely, Erickson Beamon, Soundgirl, A&G Cashmere, and more. But that’s not the cool part. The cool part is that Showroom Seven has rented out the space that formally housed New York City’s Tunnel Nightclub. Say Whattt???!!!!! As someone who perpetually lives in the past, I have fond, fond, FOND memories of THE TUNNEL.

For those of you that are too young to remember or maybe didn’t live in NYC in the 90s, The Tunnel was the “it” nightclub. According to Wikipedia, “The Tunnel opened in early 1987 […] and was named for the abandoned train tunnel from the early 1900s that became the main dance floor.”

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M.I.L.K. Accessories

A friend of mine and I are embarking on something huge!! Almost two years of thinking, dreaming, and wishing that we could create something in the fashion industry has finally come into fruition. After much thought we have come up with something great! M.I.L.K Accessories is our new company! M.I.L.K. will consist of small goods made of leather and other fabrics. Further down the road we hope to branch out into larger accessories.

We are in the beginning stages of creating a stunning logo, interviewing designers, getting funding together and doing the business set up. As the project comes along I will definitely post about it. I think all of you fashionistas will love out products as well as our brand.


Jilly From Philly To Get Naked

Jill Scott, one of my favorite recording artists is set to take it all off for Allure Magazine’s May 2008 Naked issue. I’m excited that a mainstream magazine is featuring black women (Gabrielle Union will also pose). What’s also great is that Jill isn’t a size 2; she’s more like most women in America. I know they won’t show anything vulgar, but I hope Jill and Gabrielle have nice poses and nothing with their mouths open or looking menacing. We all know how Vogue likes to do it…

This seems like it is going to be a huge year for Jill. Not only is the song “Daydreaming” along with Lupe Fiasco running in an AT&T commercial (that’s big), she is set to star in the HBO series based on the books entitled, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. This is so great, we get to see authentic African dress and people and not in a stereotypical way. Way to go Jill! CNN has a great behind the scenes look at Jill filming in Botswana, Africa.

 UPDATE: Urban Hoola has graciously uploaded scans of the photos in Allure Magazine. I must say I’m happy with their outcome.

Jilly From Philly




SEX-y Spoilers

Oh GOD! Could the movie come out already? has a list of spoilers. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know anything…Oh, I can’t, I can’t. I have to tell something! Samantha doesn’t live in New York any longer. GASP!!!!!???!?!?

And in other annoying news, could this be right, the film might possibly make a debut at Cannes. Been there! Great parties, great food, fabulous people. It’s very sheshefroufroula (what is sheshefroufroula? More on that later. LOL!) but isn’t this the quintessential New York movie?? It doesn’t seem right to have a premiere anywhere else except home.

Topshop To NYC!!!

October 10, 2008 is the day. Topshop, the UK’s best held shopping secret will finally come to New York City’s Soho neighborhood! During my last trip to London, I completely raided Topshop. Take a look at some of the items you can purchase, now by mail (yes, they deliver to the USA) and in October just by taking the N or R to Prince Street. Well, alright now!

Whitney’s Debut…

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Whitney Port of The Hills would be the third member of the cast to launch a fashion line. Her collection, Eve & A is set to debut this Friday (as is Heidi Montag’s icky icky line) in Los Angeles. I’m pretty interested in the collection as Whitney comes from a fashion industry family and seems to have a good fashion sense.

Her line has 20 pieces with everything from wool skirts to cute hoodies. She just might be the most successful in the fashion arena (sorry LC!). Here’s a shot of an outfit from the collection. Pretty cute, right?

I know we are all waiting with baited breath for Whitney’s debut. Honestly, I do hate on the girls from The Hills from time to time, but I honestly do hope she succeeds. Now… what can we get for Audrina to do?


Project Runway to Lifetime??!?!


In what has been described as a huge coup in television, Lifetime has just scored the rights to air future cycles of Bravo’s wildly popular show, Project Runway. Tim Gunn isn’t sure about his future with the show and Michael Kors (love him!) isn’t listed in the press release for the next cycle. Michael Kors not judging the show? Please… please.

Bravo and its parent company NBC Universal is not backing down. NBC U believes Bravo remains the only network that can legally air the program. The Weinstein Company, the executive producer has another view. The accusations, hate, and lawsuits are flying off the pages. Basically, all hell is breaking loose in NY Superior Court. 

Because of this interesting turn of events there will be two cycles of this award winning program airing on two different networks. Bravo is set to air its last cycle in July and Lifetime’s set to air their first cycle in November. More Thimbles and Fabric and Sketches, oh my! Well, whatever… I need this. Tyra’s America’s Next Top Model is becoming more irrelevant by the minute. (Actually, was this Top Model ever relevant?)

I like Lifetime just as much as the next woman, but there is something not sexy about a sexy show like Project Runway being on a network that is sooooo, well… inspirational. Am I just a prude or what?


Branding Eve


So, it looks like “The E-V-E” is moving past her disaster that is/was Fetish Clothing and becoming the face of Cartier’s Love Charity Bracelet. Excellent! This is a good look for her considering that rap career is kaput! I’m glad to see high-end, fashion companies looking elsewhere for spokesmodels and inspiration. 

Eve’s last video, Tambourine was a direct knock off of everthing that is Gwen Stefani. Eve’s cool as a fashionista, but she’s no GWEN!