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So You Want to Attend the Sex and the City Premiere Party…


Well, believe it or not you can!!!  Here are the facts:

  1. The party is May 27 in New York City
  2. Kristen Davis, “Charlotte” is auctioning off 2 tickets for Oxfam America.
  3. You get to walk the red carpet!!!
  4. A paid visit to Manhattan’s Prive Salon
  5. Auction begins at 7pm (PT – that’s 10pm in NY), March 12 and runs through 7pm, March 22.

Click here to bid. Good Luck!

Fashion TV: New Sex and the City Trailer

So I went to see that God awful movie, Semi-Pro with Will Farrell. The best thing about the whole movie was the newly cut preview of the Sex and the City movie. The previous trailer was so cryptic. Anyhoo. Now we know Big’s full name… John James Preston. Hmmm… not sure if I like it. But I think I’m beginning to put the story together.

Is it just me or does Cynthina Nixon (Miranda) look like she’s had some work done around the eyes? And doesn’t Jennifer Hudson look cute?