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So, Cazals are back in? Word?!


When I was in high-school in the late 80’s people dressed like The Fat Boys and Run-DMC.  Just like now, everything was name brand. Le Coc Sportif  jogging suits and Travel Fox sneakers were the shit!! You were wack if you didn’t have a Coca-Cola shirt or an 8-ball jacket.  All the girls had on the huge trunk jewelry; “doorknockers” is what we called them. (And to all you Sex and the City fans, that “Carrie” necklace was nothing new!!) 

The outfit was complete when you added the huge glasses otherwise known as Cazals. Glasses have always been a fashion statement and sun glasses can complete a look. (Didn’t Jackie O look glamorous with her huge black shades on?) So why should we be surprised that those large, librarian type glasses are back in? Fashion trends always come back around.


When everyone started wearing Cazals back then, I thought they looked absolutely horrendous. I should have brought a pair and kept them for 20 years because now, the sexy librarian look is what’s hot. Scarlett’s wearing them, Erykah’s wearing them, and maybe you should be wearing them too. Check out this look on the runway during the Michael Kors 2008 Fall/Winter  show. 

(Ooooo, found a few vintage pairs here.)

This post makes me remember the 80s, check out The Fat Boys below.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


The day after the Grammy’s I kept watching Kanye’s performance of Stronger featuring Daft Punk. I thought his outfit was sick!! I loved the glasses. In fact, I told everyone at work that if I could find them I’d wear them out at a club. Well, it took me about a month, but I found the glasses. They are called “The Kanye West Shutter Shades” and they are available in bright colors in addition to a glow-in-the-dark pair, somewhat like what he wore during his performance. (However, I do think Kanye’s were lit with a power source.)  You can purchase the multicolored shutter shades here and the glow-in-the-dark ones here.Now, I’m not usually one to latch on to fads that cost an ignorant amount of money and are only in for a minute. (Fads I did latch on to: Von Dutch trucker hats, Ed Hardy tees, and Uggs.)  While these glasses might be part of that nonsense,  I still think I just might get a pair because they look sooooo crazy!

As for the jacket, that took more time to find. I really like the use of electronic LEDs with fashion. And, since Kanye performed with Daft Punk who are known for their robotic outfits, the jacket fit in perfectly. The jacket along with the LED panels were created by Moritz Waldemeyer. Apparently the light panel mimiced the synthesizers used during the performance. Shit! That’s hot!  Check out his blog, Mortiz Waldemeyern has some other interesting things married with light such as this cool dress.

If you didn’t see the performance, check the youtube video before it’s taken down again.