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How To Display A Black Woman On A Cover


Oh, Miss Anna… I’m coming for you again. You and the photographer Annie Leibovitz are in a quagmire aren’t you? People are still writing and writing about that King Kong cover you did for your April Shape issue. What was once something that only seemed to matter in the blogoshere is now major news. Even The Today Show did a segment on this. Basically, y’all done f-ed up!

I found the above picture of Jennifer Hudson in a recent photo-shoot. I’d love to know what magazine will feature this photo. Please note: When placing black women and black men for that matter on the cover of your magazine you don’t have to make us look menacing, hulking, scary, silly, dumb, or less than. Yes, Lebron is a basketball player but he’s not the dude on the block and Vogue isn’t F.E.D.S.magazine. Lebron looks like an ape on your cover. Is that what you were going for? Well, if not, that’s what it looks like. Listen, we already look beautiful. Just get us decent clothes and a proper stylist and let-us-WORK!!! Take a look at the Vogue website, they seem to be using a better photo. Now why couldn’t this photo be used?

By the way doesn’t J-Hud look beautiful? This is a cover shot!