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Jilly From Philly To Get Naked

Jill Scott, one of my favorite recording artists is set to take it all off for Allure Magazine’s May 2008 Naked issue. I’m excited that a mainstream magazine is featuring black women (Gabrielle Union will also pose). What’s also great is that Jill isn’t a size 2; she’s more like most women in America. I know they won’t show anything vulgar, but I hope Jill and Gabrielle have nice poses and nothing with their mouths open or looking menacing. We all know how Vogue likes to do it…

This seems like it is going to be a huge year for Jill. Not only is the song “Daydreaming” along with Lupe Fiasco running in an AT&T commercial (that’s big), she is set to star in the HBO series based on the books entitled, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. This is so great, we get to see authentic African dress and people and not in a stereotypical way. Way to go Jill! CNN has a great behind the scenes look at Jill filming in Botswana, Africa.

 UPDATE: Urban Hoola has graciously uploaded scans of the photos in Allure Magazine. I must say I’m happy with their outcome.

Jilly From Philly




All Types of Wrong: Jill Scott, BET Honors


Jill…Jill…Jill. I truly love your music. You are filling a void for me left by Sade. But the outfit that you wore on the red carpet at the BET Honors was just all types of wrong.

Who is your stylist? Fire them, immediately! Go back to whomever you used to use.

Take a look at Jill in better times wearing a beautiful outfit by Moshood one of my favorite stores in Brooklyn, NY.


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