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New Photos Of Carrie And Them…


A little over 50 days until the Big day!!! These photos are really beautiful and although I’ll be in The Bahamas during the premiere weekend (I do know where the movie theater is in Nassau!!!) all of you watching the movie will be on my mind. Don’t they all look great?

[rockyou id=108496170&w=426&h=319]

Fashion TV: New Sex and the City Trailer

So I went to see that God awful movie, Semi-Pro with Will Farrell. The best thing about the whole movie was the newly cut preview of the Sex and the City movie. TheĀ previous trailer was so cryptic. Anyhoo. Now we know Big’s full name… John James Preston. Hmmm… not sure if I like it. But I think I’m beginning to put the story together.

Is it just me or does Cynthina Nixon (Miranda) look like she’s had some work doneĀ around the eyes? And doesn’t Jennifer Hudson look cute?