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SEX-y Spoilers

Oh GOD! Could the movie come out already? NYPost.com has a list of spoilers. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know anything…Oh, I can’t, I can’t. I have to tell something! Samantha doesn’t live in New York any longer. GASP!!!!!???!?!?

And in other annoying news, could this be right, the film might possibly make a debut at Cannes. Been there! Great parties, great food, fabulous people. It’s very sheshefroufroula (what is sheshefroufroula? More on that later. LOL!) but isn’t this the quintessential New York movie?? It doesn’t seem right to have a premiere anywhere else except home.

New Photos Of Carrie And Them…


A little over 50 days until the Big day!!! These photos are really beautiful and although I’ll be in The Bahamas during the premiere weekend (I do know where the movie theater is in Nassau!!!) all of you watching the movie will be on my mind. Don’t they all look great?

[rockyou id=108496170&w=426&h=319]

So You Want to Attend the Sex and the City Premiere Party…


Well, believe it or not you can!!!  Here are the facts:

  1. The party is May 27 in New York City
  2. Kristen Davis, “Charlotte” is auctioning off 2 tickets for Oxfam America.
  3. You get to walk the red carpet!!!
  4. A paid visit to Manhattan’s Prive Salon
  5. Auction begins at 7pm (PT – that’s 10pm in NY), March 12 and runs through 7pm, March 22.

Click here to bid. Good Luck!

Fashion TV: Sex and the City: The clothes, the shoes, and the bags!

OMG!!! This is my dream job:  Working the wardrobe closet on the Sex and the City movie with Patricia Field. Patricia Field, the costume designer is truly a genius.  Watch the video, check out all the bags and become a disciple! Damn… I need to make more money. Sigh…