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Topshop To NYC!!!

October 10, 2008 is the day. Topshop, the UK’s best held shopping secret will finally come to New York City’s Soho neighborhood! During my last trip to London, I completely raided Topshop. Take a look at some of the items you can purchase, now by mail (yes, they deliver to the USA) and in October just by taking the N or R to Prince Street. Well, alright now!

Rumor Has It…


Looks like Vogue UK  has all but confirmed it. Amy Crackhouse is to be the new face of Roberto Cavalli. Are you kidding me? This chick smokes crack, runs around screaming about her Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake, and always looks like a fool and because Victoria Beckham says ‘she likes her style’, Amy’s in?

There’s a new British singer that has a great look, can sing, is innovative and could definitely hold her own as a spokesperson for a high end fashion house. Check out Estelle, a new artist on Atlantic Records.  According to Wikipedia, Estelle, born Fanta Estelle Swaray is of Senegalese and Grenadian heritage. (I thought I saw a little West Indian in her.) Look! She has a mind too. I could totally see her in Cavalli! And she doesn’t look like a hot ass mess either.


Doesn’t she look fierce in that pic? Check out her video, “Wait A Minute.”

I Told You Erykah Was The Shit!


So, Vogue UK is reporting that Erykah Badu will be the new face of the yet-to-be named Tom Ford fragrance. Didn’t I tell you Erykah was a style icon? Well, it looks like Tom Ford thinks so too. I cannot wait to see the spreads in the magazines here in America. (Will Miss Anna allow Erykah into her precious Vogue? LOL!) I’m excited to see the photos and I would think they would be fashion forward and edgy. (But secretly, why do I hope Erykah brings her own stylist with her to the photo shoots?) Mr. Ford, Erykah has a lot of adoring fans… do her justice, please!

Check out Najwa Moses of Styleholics.com interviewing Erykah about becoming the new face of the Tom Ford Fragrance.

Fashion TV: I’m a Gok-ette!

America we are missing out! Across the pond, in London, England there is a FASHIONISTA/style consultant and television diva who, if in New York would be putting everyone to shame. His name is Gok Wan and he’s the host of the UK (read:original) version of “How to Look Good Naked.”  I love Carson Kressley (the US host of “How to Look Good Naked“) as much as the next chick, but Gok is the truth! I caught an episode of Gok’s version last year while in England and I like his no nonsense approach to dressing and style. I find Carson’s show to be preachy and overly positive to the point of annoyance.  Take a look at a quick video of Gok on a British style show.

Fierce, right? He betta WORK!!! I like how he is obsessed with shape and buying clothes that work for your body.

Search for him on Youtube.com. There are many videos of him and soon you’ll be a Gok-ette as well!